The 4th Annual Human Library Event

The 4th Annual Human Library Event 

The 4th Annual Human Library Event 


The 4th iteration of the Human Library event was conducted today at the Town Campus library with remarkable success. This yearly gathering, authorized by Human library organization and originating from Denmark, aims to spotlight individuals who have faced adversity marked by stigma, misconceptions, and discrimination. This globally recognized event encourages participation from diverse backgrounds.

At its core, the Human Library concept provides a platform for authentic dialogue, allowing readers to engage with “human books” who share their personal narratives. This year, seven exceptional individuals contributed their stories:

  1. From Struggle to Startup: A narrative of resilience in navigating a predominantly male entrepreneurial sphere.

2. Echoes of the Wild: Preserving the memory of Somalia’s extinct species, underscoring the importance of conservation.

3. Beyond Stereotypes: Insights from a female engineer challenging stereotypes in a male-dominated profession.

4. Dynamic Education: Adapting to evolving educational landscapes, a professor’s journey.

5.Voice of Inclusion: Advocating for marginalized communities, championing inclusivity.

6. Stories of Trauma and Social Labelling: A testament to resilience from the Bondhere orphan girls care center.

7. Journey from Street Boy to Maamo Ugaaso Foundation: Overcoming adversities faced by street children, finding hope through support.

The Human Books, graciously hosted by SIMAD University Town Campus, were received by Dr. Dahir Hassan Arab, the University’s respected Rector. With over 150 attendees, the event fostered peaceful and engaging interactions between readers and Human Books, enriching both parties with diverse perspectives.

For participants and Human Books alike, the event served as a profound learning experience. Each narrative shared contributed to fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for the complexities of human existence. As the event commenced at 2pm and ended at 5:30 pm, attendees (both readers and human book departed with fresh insights, appreciating one another and wishing them another inspiring gathering as such

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