Highlights and Insights: Unveiling President Adan Abdulla’s Life & Legacy with Mohamed Issa Trunji!



The event held on the 17th of July at SIMAD Town Campus was a remarkable talk by Mohamed Trunji, an esteemed author, human rights champion, lawyer, and teacher. The purpose of the event was to provide an insightful exploration of the history of Somalia, as told by someone with extensive experience and knowledge. The goal was to enlighten the present generation about the truth and reality of their country.


The event aimed to achieve several objectives, including raising awareness about human rights, promoting dialogue, and showcasing the legacy of Adan Abdulle Osman (Adan Adde), the first president of Somalia. By delving into the rich history of Somalia, the event sought to highlight the greatness of the nation and instill a sense of pride among attendees.

Event Highlights:

During the talk, Mohamed Trunji shared captivating insights about Somalia, his two books, and the remarkable legacy of President Adan. One particularly astonishing story revolved around President Adan’s remarkable honesty in managing government finances. Trunji recounted how, during President Adan’s time, government members were given the opportunity to perform Hajj pilgrimage at the state’s expense. Upon their return, President Adan insisted that each member reduce their salary to reimburse the state, emphasizing the importance of selflessness and devotion to the nation. The event also included a Q&A session, where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Mohamed Trunji humbly provided detailed answers, ensuring that all generations could understand and benefit from his insights.

Attendance and Audience Engagement:

The event garnered significant interest, with a total of 168 registered attendees, out of which 100 were present at the event. Notable attendees included the Deputy Rector for Institutional Development, Eng. Mohamud Mohamed Alasso, and the Director of SIMAD Libraries, Mohamud Mohamed Siad. Participants represented various institutions, such as other universities, banks, schools, and government entities. The majority of attendees (78%) were between 18-25 years old, while 17.9% were between 26-35, and 3.6% fell into the 36-45 age range. Furthermore, 74.4% of attendees were students.




Key Learnings:

The event successfully conveyed the importance of Somalia’s history and its lasting legacy. Attendees were captivated and gained a deeper understanding of their country’s significance. The talk served as a source of inspiration, fostering a sense of appreciation and motivating attendees to learn more about their heritage.


The event concluded as a resounding success, with the SIMAD Town Campus library honored to host such a distinguished author and advocate like Mohamed Trunji. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable speaker, the dedicated organizers, and all the attendees for their valuable contributions and enthusiastic participation.


The library is excited to announce that it will continue organizing similar events in the future. We encourage everyone to collaborate closely with us, share their expertise, and actively participate in future events to further enrich our knowledge and understanding.


We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who took part in this event, as well as SIMAD University for their generous sponsorship. Your contributions have played a significant role in making this event a memorable and impactful experience.


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